About Darby

As your personal travel consultant, it is my privilege to craft exceptionally meaningful journeys tailored distinctly for you.

Travel has always held a special place in my heart!

Even as a young girl, I cherished our frequent family vacations and lived for the days when my parents would return from their European adventures. I fondly remember my first solo trip to visit my grandparents in Seattle, then venturing up to the beautiful province of British Columbia to see more family.

I loved packing my bags for each new destination. The hardest part was leaving! Some of my most memorable travels have been river cruises through the storied cities of France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Immersing myself in the history and culture of these places informs the exceptional journeys I create for my clients.

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My lifelong passion for travel informs my expertise in crafting extraordinary bespoke journeys.

Each trip awakens my spirit and shapes my dedication to providing clients with authentic, enriching experiences worldwide. I thrive on translating travelers’ dreams into itineraries with insider access, luxury details, and peace of mind knowing every aspect is expertly handled. My goal is to free you to simply anticipate and savor each curated moment. Whether a romantic escape or family journey, let’s explore how I can utilize my knowledge and connections to orchestrate your next unforgettable vacation.

Five facts about me:
  1. My first trip on an airplane was by myself when I was 11 years old to visit my grandparents for a month in Seattle, Washington.
  2. I love quilting and have created many quilts and wall hangings for family and friends.
  3. My first out of the country trip was to London, England with a travel agent class I took back in 1997.
  4. I never think of myself as a city person, but I could live in London.
  5. My closest friends are the ones from middle school in 1979 and we talk every week.
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