Tailored Journeys Rooted in Heritage

My grandmother taught me from a young age that my Italian heritage was an important part of our past, and I love to create fabulous itineraries for my clients throughout the beautiful country of Italy. Whether you want to travel to see the highlights of Rome and Florence or go off the beaten path to Bari or Catania to partake in a Saint’s festival or visit your relatives, Italy has more history, culture, and scenic beauty for everyone to enjoy. ​ Whether you want to visit the canals of Venice, to the rocky coastline of Cinque Terre to historic Rome or the off the beaten path region of Sardina or Calabria, Italy offers an authentic experience for many types of travelers. ​

Northern Italy: Where Alpine Splendor Meets La Dolce Vita

Envision a dreamy morning, greeted by the tranquil beauty of Lake Como, cradled by the majesty of the Alps standing tall against the blue sky. Northern Italy is an enchanting haven where every traveler can find a slice of heaven. The allure of Milan's chic streets and Venice's winding waterways invites you into a storybook setting. Foodies and wine lovers rejoice in Piedmont, where the hunt for the elusive truffle and the savor of a good Barolo define the perfect afternoon. Adventure seekers can carve the snowy trails of the Dolomites, embracing the thrill of the slopes. And even without the plush decadence of Villa d'Este, the charming coastal towns along the Italian Riviera, like Portofino, offer postcard-perfect views and a taste of the good life that's accessible to anyone with a wanderlust spirit. Northern Italy is a tapestry of experiences, rich with culture, flavor, and unforgettable landscapes, waiting to welcome every traveler with open arms.

Central Italy: The Heartbeat of History and Harmony

Journey to the heart of Italy, where a tapestry of history and culture creates a stunning scene fit for any traveler's dream. Wander through Florence's cobbled streets, stumbling upon artisanal leather goods and gazing at the sight of Michelangelo's timeless art. In the vibrant bustle of Rome, stand where gladiators once clashed in the Colosseum and savor the flavors of Italy at a cozy trattoria under the shadow of history. Central Italy invites every curious soul to bask in its beauty, blending rustic tranquility with metropolitan excitement to craft uniquely personal adventures for each visitor.

Southern Italy: Sun-Kissed Shores and Timeless Traditions

Heading to Southern Italy is like wandering through a canvas brought to life with splashes of vivid color. Encounter seas of the deepest blue and sunsets that drape historic hamlets in a warm, amber light. The Amalfi Coast beckons with its dramatic cliffs and sparkling beaches, welcoming all who seek the wonder of the Mediterranean. Meander through the quaint streets of Capri and Positano - their charm is not exclusive to those in five-star suites. Journey to Sicily, a crossroad of ancient civilizations, where you can explore Greek ruins and ornate baroque architecture. It's a place where every visitor can savor the richness of freshly caught seafood and toast to the day with a glass of exquisite local wine, all under the generous Sicilian sun.

Undiscovered Italy: Hidden Havens and Authentic Allure

For the seasoned traveler looking to uncover Italy's secret treasures, the country's lesser-known locales provide a sense of discovery and awe. Venture to the Aeolian Islands, where the rugged landscapes whisper tales of the Mediterranean's untouched wonders, offering a serene hideaway. Consider a journey through Le Marche, where rolling hills tell a different story away from the well-trodden paths, and restored farmhouses invite you in with a promise of genuine Italian warmth. Or delve into the quiet charm of Puglia's hidden enclaves, where the historic Masseria stand as silent custodians of an Italy that time forgot, with every stay shaping a more intimate connection to the rich tapestry of the nation's unspoiled heritage. These experiences await those who seek to travel deeper into Italy's embrace.

Italy has so much to offer many types of travelers, and each client’s customized created itinerary is tailored to their travel style and needs. As a travel advisor that has successfully passed an in-depth Italy Destination Specialist course, it is a country that I love exploring and learning more about each time I visit and help plan client’s vacations to. When you are ready to embark on your Italian journey, I look forward to creating a one of a kind itinerary tailored just to you.

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