In awe of beautiful sunsets?

​Hawaii is definitely a destination for you. It has unique and truly inspirational sunset views. Spectators are in awe as red, orange, pink and blue hues make its way toward the horizon. Hear of the Green Flash Phenomenon? At a specific moment the sun fades from view and is seemingly submerged in whole by the ocean, an ephemeral spot of intense emerald greenish/bluish light can be seen in its wake. Green is the hue that is bent most, allowing visitors to view an intensity of green immediately following sunset. Aptly named for the breathtaking color palette painted at dusk, you may have heard of Oahu’s famous North Shore beach. Definitely worth your while. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing!

Hawaiian Culture

The culture and tradition of Hawaii are actually reflections of the land’s innate beauty. The graceful Hawaiian dances, the meaningful and religious songs, and the various interesting art forms seem to be created with only one purpose, and that is to serve as instruments through which the beauty and the mystery of the place is expressed. The traditional dance of Hawaii are as vibrant as the rolling waves in its beaches. The moves are actually expressions of what Hawaii is, a land of beauty, grace, and spirituality. Music has also grown to be a familiar and popular part of Hawaiian culture. Ever evolving from a beginning of simple drum beats and chants, music today is filled with a multitude of artists and genres.

Another facet of the culture lies in legends. Ancient Hawaiians were known to be storytellers. Legends were a way of documenting history, knowledge, facts and beliefs from generation to generation. Some of the more popular legends include the story of the demi-God Maui, who pulled the island up from the bottom of the sea, the wicked, deceptive and jealous volcano goddess Pele and her snow god sister Poliahu. There are legends about the Kumulipo, which tell about the creation of the Hawaiian Islands and others that tell fishing stories about the shark gods. The Hawaiian culture also has many superstitions and omens, which are widely known and still observed today. Rain and rainbows are considered blessings from the gods.

Hawaii has so much to offer many types of travelers, and each client’s customized created itinerary is tailored to their travel style and needs. As a travel advisor that has successfully passed an in-depth Hawaii Destination Specialist course, it is a destination that I love exploring and learning more about each time I visit and help plan client’s vacations to. When you are ready to embark on your Hawaiian adventure, I look forward to creating a one of a kind itinerary tailored just to you.

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