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Along the Neckar River to Ladenburg and onto Speyer

Experience gastronomy in these medieval German towns

September 15, 2023

As we continue our river cruise journey, we embark on the charming Neckar River, winding our way to the medieval marvels of Ladenburg and Speyer, Germany.

We start in Ladenburg, where time seems to stand still. A stroll around its cobbled alleys will take you back to the Middle Ages, with half-timbered houses, an ancient marketplace, and the breathtaking Martin's Church. Don't miss the ancient Roman ruins and the beautiful Ladenburg Castle. Ladenburg's beauty radiates from every corner, highlighted by its classic German architecture.

​Find your way to the captivating Ladenburg Marktplatz, a marketplace that has been the town's pulsating center for hundreds of years - a charming spectacle you simply wouldn't want to miss.

Before we bid farewell to Ladenburg, immerse yourself in the rich local gastronomic landscape. The cozy taverns and inviting bakeries around the Marktplatz serve a divine fusion of traditional German and local cuisines. Do not miss the chance to taste pretzels baked to perfection and wash them down with a glass of local brew, capturing the essence of Ladenburg in each bite and sip.

Next, we visit Speyer, one of Germany's oldest cities. Speyer is a treasure trove of historical sites, the most magnificent of which is the colossal Speyer Cathedral. As the largest Romanesque cathedral in Europe, this UNESCO World Heritage site never fails to awe visitors with its historic grandeur. Close by stands the Altpörtel, or Old Gate, a landmark medieval gate that whispers tales of ancient times.

Speyer's food and wine scene impeccably matches the historical grandeur of the Cathedral and Altpörtel. Traditional Palatine delights like Saumagen, a delectable pig's stomach filled to the brim with a hearty mix of pork, potatoes, and spices, is a must-try. Pair it with the region's Riesling wines to experience a divine gastronomic venture. A visit to a traditional 'Weinstube,' or wine tavern, will further let you delve deeper into Palatine food and wine culture.

From its charming streets to impressive landmarks, Ladenburg and Speyer are must-visit destinations for history enthusiasts and those seeking picturesque charm in Germany. Contact me if this sounds like your kind of trip.

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