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Best Destinations to Escape the January Blues

6 incredible destinations ranging from tropical beaches to winter wonderlands

December 3, 2021

Once the festivities of the holidays quieten down, January can feel like a somber time of year with inclement weather and a few months to wait before the first signs of spring begin to show. Escaping to a sunny destination is the perfect answer if you want to avoid the January blues.

While the landscape of travel is still not quite back to normal, there are still opportunities for those seeking a last-minute luxury getaway this winter. Here are 6 destinations to add to your radar for this January.

Dutch Caribbean Islands

Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire are tropical havens with beautiful beaches, incredible food, and boutique resorts. Weather is mild and pleasant in the Caribbean during this part of the year while the risk of hurricanes is low. At present, it is possible to visit the Dutch Caribbean islands subject to pre and post-arrival testing but quarantine is not required.


Perfect for wildlife fans, the South American country is the setting of the Galápagos Islands, home to over 2,000 species of endemic wildlife ranging from iguanas, seals, and birdlife. Back on dry land, the small yet diverse Ecuador is blessed with historic cities and regions bestowed with waterfalls and volcanic scenery. December through April is the best time to visit Ecuador and vaccinated travelers are exempt from testing.


With its blend of culture, nature, and top-tier hotels, Mexico remains a popular option for US travelers this winter, particularly as the nation does not impose strict travel requirements. January and February fall within the dry season with moderate daytime temperatures and the Yucatan Peninsula is rich with plush resorts and historic sites to explore.

The Azores

Despite being an autonomous region of Portugal, the nine-island archipelago that forms the Azores is located in the middle of Lisbon and Boston which makes it an excellent contender for East Coast residents. Bear in mind that January is somewhat wetter, however, thanks to its subtropical climate, the Azores remain warm throughout the year and the winter months are tempting due to lower prices and fewer crowds to share these phenomenal landscapes with. Testing is required to visit the Azores.  

The Maldives

January and February is the perfect time of year to visit the sun kissed beaches and warm waters of the quintessential getaway. With snorkeling, spas, sunshine, and world-class food, the world is your oyster once you touch down on the jewel of the Indian Ocean! The Maldives has set a stellar example in how to curb the spread of the virus which means that it is one of the safest travel destinations this winter although you will need to undergo testing.


For those who are seeking a winter wonderland rather than an exotic paradise, look no further than Iceland. While you will be exposed to chillier temperatures at this time of year, the colder months are when your odds of seeing the Northern Lights increase. Besides, the steaming hot springs, thermally heated rooms, and gourmet cuisine are sure to warm you up. Travelers must be vaccinated and are subject to testing.

Contact me and we will arrange your ideal escape this January. Alternatively, let’s plan ahead for next winter.

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