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Chateau De Versailles – a Place of Grandeur and Opulence

A walk through Versailles

July 15, 2016

​The area around Versailles was a favorite place for French kings to hunt with the forests and lakes that surround Paris.  Louis XIII wanted a quieter place to stay outsides of what he thought was noisy Paris, being his official residence in Paris was the Louvre, so he went to his hunting lodge in Versailles.  

When Louise XIII died his first born son was just 5 years old, Louis XIV.  When he was crowned king, Louis XIV wanted his residence in Versailles.  The Palace of Versailles was created to serve as a quieter residence for King Louis XIV.  The Palace was built around the hunting lodge with two wings built around it.  One wing was dedicated to the King’s State Apartment and the other wing to the Queen’s State Apartment.  The two wings are connected by the Hall of Mirrors.  The Hunting Lodge is still the center of the Palace.  The Gardens of Versailles complete the Palace and are great for exploring

​When visiting Versailles expect to be among many many other tourists as it is one of the busiest tourist attractions in France and can be very crowded during peak travel times.  To get the full experience without the crowds plan on visiting during the slow season.  A licensed private tour guide is the best way to learn about the history and details of this spectacular palace.

Inside Versailles
King Louis XIV
The Hall of Mirrors
One of the many ceiling murals
The Fountain of Apollo merging with the Grand Canal
The North Partere
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