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Discovering Jewels Along the Rhine: Alsatian Towns of Riquewihr and Freiburg, Germany

These Alsatian Towns are straight out of a fairytale

August 18, 2023

Have you ever dreamt of unwrapping the hidden gems of picturesque Europe, wandering along the ancient, cobbled streets, and diving into rich cultures that have stood the test of time?

Let's set sail along one of mother nature's most revered creations - the charismatic Rhine River - with our much-anticipated stops in the colorful, fairytale landscapes of Riquewihr and Freiburg in Germany.

Our first stop is the charming village of Riquewihr. Often described as a jewel within a vineyard, this colorful village looks like it has stepped straight out of a storybook. Its medieval walls and romantic half-timbered houses provide the perfect setting for a serene stroll.

​But the Dolder Gate steals the show. Serving as the fortified guard of Riquewihr since the 13th Century, the Dolder Gate stands tall, telling tales of the olden times and enticing countless history buffs.

Riquewihr is also a paradise for food and wine lovers. It's hard not to be enticed by the rich aromas pouring out of local bakeries. Don't hesitate to try their iconic pretzels and enjoy a hearty traditional meal paired with local Alsace wine. Let your taste buds dance with delight as you sip on the region's signature, crisp Rieslings and vibrant Gewurztraminers, a true taste of Alsace in every glass.

Once we have bid farewell to the enchanting Riquewihr, our next stop is the vibrant city of Freiburg. Known for its sun-soaked avenues, the city's life pulses around the glorious Freiburg Münster. This majestic Gothic cathedral lures architecture lovers and casual tourists with its impressive spire. You can climb up to the viewing platform for a stunning panorama of the city and the beautiful Black Forest that borders it.

Freiburg's culinary scene teems with southern German specialties and Baden wines. Explore farmer's markets like the Freiburg Münstermarkt, brimming with local produce and regional delicacies. Try the long-beloved 'Münsterwurst,' a regional sausage, with a glass of refreshing Baden wine for the perfect Freiburgian feast.

Whether you're a history enthusiast looking for an enthralling exploration of ancient landmarks, a culinary curious out to discover unique delicacies, or a wine lover combing for the next best sip, This section of the Rhine River will encapsulate you in an embrace of awe and wonder.

Let Darby's Destinations be your compass and guide for this unforgettable journey along the picturesque Rhine River.

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