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Packing Light Checklist

Perfect the art of packing light with this checklist.

February 23, 2024

There’s an art to packing that even the most frequent travelers struggle to master. Packing light may mean traveling with a carry-on but it also extends to checked baggage. The crucial thing is to pack only what you need and to tailor your packing list according to the destination, itinerary, climate, and weather. Follow these ground rules to ensure you pack light for every trip. 

Invest in lightweight luggage 

Heavier luggage only eats into your valuable packing limit and proves cumbersome. Samsonite excels at producing lightweight polycarbonate spinners with heavyweight protection and a scratch-resistant exterior. These are available in carry-on and checked baggage sizes and come with a TSA-approved combination lock and multi-directional spinners. 

Organize with packing cubes

Packing cubes are unexpendable (and inexpensive). Regardless of the duration of your trip, these make it easier to compress your clothing, footwear, and accessories into organized compartments while helping avoid overpacking. Every packing list will vary based on where you’re going but do prioritize light, natural fibers that are easy to wash and dry on the road. It’s wiser to take less clothing and make plans to do laundry. 

Essential technology 

A universal travel adapter and a portable charger are the most important electronic gadgets to include in your packing light checklist. It’s also worth considering Apple AirTags or Chipolo tags in case your luggage goes astray and a luggage scale to avoid an unpleasant surprise at the airport.

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

Kindle eReader 

Physical books add unnecessary weight. eReading devices such as the Kindle weigh next to nothing and enable you to take hundreds, thousands, of books. The most recent Kindle Paperwhite weighs around 205 grams and has a 300 ppi glare-free screen that feels akin to paper. It’s water-resistant to cover accidental splashes from the pool, sea, or bathtub. 

Two or three pairs of shoes 

Footwear adds weight and bulk to your luggage. Commit to taking a maximum of two pairs of shoes for a long weekend and three pairs for a longer vacation. These will depend on your destination and itinerary. Pack hiking boots for an outdoorsy destination or smart sneakers for a city itinerary. Select one pair of formal shoes that you can wear to upscale restaurants and one pair of sandals or equivalent for a beach or summer getaway. 

Reusable water bottle

A water bottle is essential for reducing plastic waste. Take a simple stainless steel double-insulated bottle when traveling to destinations where tap water is safe to drink. This will cover you for most North American and European countries. If you are exploring parts of the world where this is not the case, travel with a LifeStraw water bottle. The microfilter protects you from bacteria, parasites, and microplastics while improving taste. 

Save space for souvenirs

The golden rule of packing is to avoid stuffing your luggage to bursting. You may want to purchase souvenirs or gifts while on vacation. Leave a little room to pack any trinkets. 

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