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Packing Tips for your African Adventure

What to pack for an African Safari

May 26, 2018

Africa is a continent full of the most incredible experiences, with a vast variety of landscapes to take in. That being said, it is so important to make sure you have everything you need for a trip that is not only comfortable and enjoyable but one that will bring you wonderful memories for years to come. Here are our top packing tips for your journey to Africa!

Light-colored cotton clothing is essential for beating the intense African heat. You do not have to dress head-to-toe in khaki but stick to lighter, neutral colors such as gray, light brown, and blue tones. Dark clothing can attract tsetse flies, which have a notoriously painful bite – best avoided!

Out in the city attire is great to have when you are exploring Cape Town or Johannesburg.  For the evening, if you are dining at an upmarket restaurant or seeing a show, smart-casual attire is recommended.

A light sweater will save you from shivering in the evenings. Beautiful weather during the day can make way for cold after night falls, so be sure to have a fleece or long-sleeved layers to keep warm.

Comfortable, closed shoes are sure to keep your feet dry and warm no matter where your tour takes you, from experiencing the desert sand to taking a walk through a vibrant city.

Insect repellent and anti-malaria medication are vital for keeping the mosquitos away as well as ensuring your health. Make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date too!

Sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses will help you to avoid sunburn and heatstroke, particularly if you intend to be outside for extended periods.

Lip balm is often overlooked but will prevent your lips from becoming uncomfortably dry and chapped anywhere you travel.

A camera with additional memory cards and batteries will let you take as many pictures as you want so that you can capture the stunning sights of your tour of Africa and bring your memories home with you.

A universal adaptor will be needed to keep your electronics charged and ready to go. This is for both voltage and the type of plug needed, as Africa uses both two-prong and three-prong round pin plugs.

A flashlight will come in useful for keeping your footwork steady as you are exploring all that Africa has to offer. A small one on your keychain will suffice, or you can bring a fancy headlamp if your adventures are taking you further away from populated areas.

Bring a couple of books or an e-reader with you, especially if you are traveling to more remote areas or you are planning on some leisure time between seeing the sights!

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