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Pouring the Perfect Pint

The key to enjoying a Guinness is to pouring the perfect pint.

November 4, 2017

On one of our last stops in Ireland was the famous Guinness Storehouse, it is a great attraction and is only minutes from Dublin’s city center.  All of the history of Guinness is here, and you can take a guided tour through the past and all that goes into making the perfect pint of Guinness.  The tour consists of the brewing story behind Guinness and how Arthur Guinness began over two hundred years ago to craft a stout beer that is top in the world.  The Storehouse has cafés to try all different recipes that are made with Guinness.  The chocolate was one of my favorites.  The Guinness brand is known worldwide, and there is an excellent display of all the imagination in the advertising over the years. One of my favorite attractions here was the Guinness Academy.  Here we learned how to official pour a perfect pint of Guinness.   There are precisely six steps, and it takes 119.5 seconds to pour a perfect pint.  I was able to video the experience in two different phases.

​Steps One to Four

Steps Five and Six

The details are listed below:

Step 1:  A Clean Official Guinness Glass      

Step 2:  Tilt the Glass to a 45 Degree angle, aiming for the Gold Harp

Step 3: Pull the Tap

Step 4: Let the Stout Settle

Step 5: Top off the Head of the Guinness

Step 6:  Perfect Presentation

The Academy was a fun experience, and we all learned how to properly pour a Guinness and also received our certification in the craft. In a past article I wrote about how it takes the bartenders in Ireland time to serve you your Guinness so know you know what goes into the perfect presentation of a Guinness Stout.

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