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Sailing Up the Rhine: Strasbourg and Colmar-Discovering Cultural Blends & Borderline Beauty

Explore the French-German culture and gastronomy of Alsace

July 21, 2023

Prepare yourselves for yet another dazzling chapter of our Rhine River adventure. This time, we'll be navigating through Strasbourg, the eclectic capital city of Alsace that wears the robes of both France and Germany with equal enthusiasm, followed by the delightfully charming town of Colmar.

Nestling gracefully on the banks of the Rhine is Strasbourg. Centuries old and soaked in a fascinating Franco-Germanic blend, it's here where medieval charm meets cosmopolitan flair. Strasbourg's’ stunning Gothic cathedral, Notre Dame, soars high above the city skyline, boasting a mesmerizing astronomic clock.

​As we delve deeper into Strasbourg, we discover a labyrinth of cobbled streets of Petite France area with its atmospheric canals and half-timbered houses just begging to be explored.

Food enthusiasts will be thrilled with Strasbourg's unique blend of German and French cuisines. Strasbourg boasts an impressive array of culinary delights, from traditional Alsatian dishes such as Flammkuchen (a scrumptious thin-crust pizza-like delicacy) to mouth-watering choucroute garnie (a delectable dish of pickled cabbage and various sausages) and the delightful local brews are unmissable.

For the wine connoisseurs, a generous pour of Alsace Gewürztraminer or Riesling offers a splendid experience.

Next, we meander to the quaint town of Colmar. Known as the 'Little Venice of France', Colmar is like living within a vibrant canvas. Its historical old town showcases half-timbered houses painted in vivid colors and the towering Saint Martin's Church, laden with history. A boat ride through the beautiful canals will leave you spellbound, making it a cherished chapter in your travel diary.

Colmar's gastronomical scene is nothing short of exquisite. The locally loved 'Choucroute' or sauerkraut, paired with regionally produced wines, speaks volumes of the town's culinary finesse. Surrounded by vineyards, Colmar blesses wine lovers with an extensive range of Alsace wines to relish amidst the town's fairy-tale setting.

So, from savoring the Franco-German unity of Strasbourg to unearthing the enchanting allure of Colmar’s canals, prepare to have your senses captivated. This unforgettable journey will leave you with memories to cherish forever, from Strasbourg's incredible architecture and Colmar's vivid colors.

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