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State of Travel

An overview of how the travel industry is preparing for the new year

January 14, 2022

After two years of lockdowns, closed borders, grounded flights, and cancellations, the travel industry has experienced more than its fair share of turbulence.

Now that vaccines are readily available we anticipate that – finally – 2022 will see us inch closer to resuming international travel but in a new way. Although the future of travel feels promising, we must prepare for regulations to stay in place for some time.  

Whether you are hoping to book your first overseas vacation or visit loved ones that live further afield, it’s time to ensure that you are caught up on the current state of travel.

State of Travel

The travel industry has fought tirelessly to remain in business over these years with hotels, airlines, and tour operators doing all they can to support clients. While at first, the pandemic caught businesses off guard, tourism providers are now in a position to share comprehensive guidelines relating to pandemic travel.

However, as new variants of the coronavirus and surges remain unpredictable, you should continue to exercise caution and familiarize yourself with the booking terms.

Consult my advice on how to travel post-pandemic.

How can I travel in 2022?

If you intend on planning a getaway in 2022, you will need to be prepared to undergo mandatory testing and show evidence of vaccination against COVID-19. More and more countries are choosing to deny unvaccinated travelers. Others still require evidence of a negative PCR test even for those that have received a full course of shots.

Flexibility is now the key factor when organizing a trip. Ensure that you read COVID-19 policies in depth at the time of booking and understand where you stand in the case of a last-minute cancellation or the situation if you contract the virus while on vacation.

Seek guidance from reputable news outlets, the CDC, and established travel agents as you prepare the groundwork for any travel this year.

Where can I travel now?

Every government implements its own policy regarding international travel. Certain countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, have remained closed throughout the duration of the pandemic. Asian nations including Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, have tentatively opened borders or with strict measures in place.

Western and Northern European territories such as France, Germ, any, and The Netherlands have recently tightened up their regulations.

In the instance that a country is experiencing a surge in transmission rates, we may see that countries close their borders to residents of that nation.

You will need to consider whether a country requires vaccination, departure and arrival PCR test, and any expectation that arrivals self isolate or quarantine upon arrival.

Best travel destinations in 2022

Destinations that depend on tourism as their number one economy have managed to stay buoyant during the pandemic and are looking ahead to this year’s tourism season. Caribbean nations and the Maldives have stood out with their vigorous commitment to hygiene and safety protocols.

Meanwhile, certain European and African countries are bracing themselves to welcome international travelers this year. Seek inspiration from my full overview of the best places to travel in 2022.

Travel agents are best placed to answer your questions and provide a full panorama of the state of international tourism. Please contact me with any concerns you have about the current state of travel.

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