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Top 5 Luxury Experiences in Croatia

Dreaming about chartering a yacht this summer?

May 21, 2021

There is so much to discover about the European nation of Croatia. As promised, I am continuing my showcase of everything you need to know about Croatia with an overview of the top luxury experiences this captivating country offers.

Charter a yacht

Croatia, the Land of a Thousand Islands, is synonymous with sailing and there are possibilities to accommodate any budget. One of the most luxurious things to do in Croatia is to charter your own private yacht and indulge in some island hopping. This is perfect for a day trip but you can also book a vessel with cabins for the full live-aboard experience.

In coastal towns such as Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik, you will find a variety of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and gullets. Most charters come with a skipper and crew and include meals, marina fees and fuel costs as part of the package. Always double check prior to booking so that you know what to expect. You will have the opportunity to discuss the route and devise your dream itinerary.

My next feature explores sailing in Croatia in more detail.

Rent a private island

If you think chartering a yacht is luxurious, how about renting your own island?

Several of Croatia’s glorious Mediterranean islands are available for exclusive rental. Whisk yourself away for a romantic stay in the lighthouse located on the islet of Porer Island or retreat among the olive groves on the family-friendly haven of Zizanj Private Island. Renting a private island is a bucket list activity and these immaculate properties will create lifelong memories.

Private dining in beautiful locations

Croatian cuisine fuses together influences from Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, Hungarian gastronomy. Meals typically feature ocean-fresh seafood as well as mushrooms and truffles sourced from Croatia’s sublime forestlands.

As tourism has blossomed, there are now over 60 Michelin recommended restaurants and 7 rated with Michelin star. Private dining in unique locations is the signature of a luxury vacation in Croatia. Options to peruse include the Roman Colosseum of Arena Pula, the medieval Trakoscan castle, and tucking into a meal at a rustic farm setting.

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Sleep in a palace

The ancient foundations of Diocletian’s Palace in Split form the heart of the coastal city. Parts of the palace have been repurposed to provide luxury tourist accommodation such as the Diocletian Palace Experience, Judita Palace Heritage Hotel and Hotel Vestibul Palace. These properties offer modern amenities in a beautiful setting that remains loyal to its heritage.

Private tours of national parks & cities

For the ultimate luxury vacation, you want to eliminate all stress from your trip. Private tours give you the autonomy to shape your bespoke Croatian itinerary and maximize your stay.

Choose from private guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage sites and lush national parks where a professional guide can divulge insider knowledge while ensuring comfort. As well as private tours by boat and foot it is also possible to book helicopter flights to appreciate the beauty of Croatia from above.

The best way to arrange your luxury vacation in Croatia is with the guidance of an expert. Contact me when you are ready to book your Croatian getaway.

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