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Traveling the Nile River

Sail through Egyptian History with a Nile Cruise

November 5, 2021

With its beguiling ancient ruins, mysterious customs, and exotic souks and bazaars, few countries can contend with Egypt. When vacationing in the land of the pharaohs, hopping aboard a cruise of the Nile is the most practical and luxurious way to encounter the history of the region and create lasting memories.

Flowing northwards through 11 North African countries before meeting the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile provides irrigation water, food, and transport. A cruise will introduce you to Egypt’s past while gleaning insight into contemporary society. This is what you can look forward to on your trip.

Treasures of the Nile River

A typical Nile cruise itinerary will take you from Cairo in the north as far as Luxor, some 400 miles (644 km) south of the Egyptian capital. During the trip, you will visit the iconic valleys, pyramids, and temples of Egypt.

The Giza Plateau at the site of the old capital of Memphis is where you’ll clap eyes upon the Great Sphinx of Giza and the three Pyramids of Giza. The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids were constructed between 2589 and 2504 BC. In a further testament to the Egyptians unique beliefs in the afterlife, you will roam the Valley of the Kings where pharaohs were laid to rest and the Valley of the Queens, the burial grounds of the wives.  

Weave your way through the 28 columns that form the Great Colonnade Hall of the Luxor Temple, once the largest and most significant religious center in ancient Egypt. Another highlight of Luxor is the chance to learn about the historic art of papyrus making in the city’s museums. Traveling the Nile River as part of a cruise will include the expertise of a guide who specializes in Egyptology to make sense of the legendary landmarks.

Besides the historic sights, taking a turn around the souks of Cairo is a must during your Nile exploration. Pick up representations of Egyptian deities or scarab beetles, handmade leather slippers, fragrant incense, and spices to take back for yourself or loved ones.

Accommodation on the Nile

Cruise vessels that operate on the Nile are a sumptuous affair. Modern ships offer a range of standard guest rooms as well as suites for those in need of additional space. Onboard amenities may include sun decks, swimming pools, spa, and world-class dining facilities where you can sample a fusion of international cuisine with Egyptian delicacies.

When to travel the Nile River

The best time of year to cruise the Nile is between October and April when the weather is cooler. This means that sightseeing at the sights listed above is more comfortable. Cruises vary from 7 to 14 nights. Subject to the time you have available, you can sail to and from Luxor or preserve some time by taking a flight one way. If you would rather see the Nile River from above, you can take to the sky with a sunrise hot air balloon ride that gives you a birdseye view of the surrounding area.

Contact me when you are ready to embark on your Nile cruise. Together we will plan your bespoke itinerary.

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