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Western Australia from Perth to the Wilderness of Kimberley

Incomparable experiences in isolated cities and the Australian outback.

February 9, 2024

Eastern Australia is where you’ll find the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney and the tropical Queensland coast. Venturing into the territory of Western Australia is an incomparable experience that takes you to one of the most isolated cities in the world and deep into the Australian wilderness. 

Culture, cuisine, and nature in Perth

Western Australia claims just over one-third of the country’s land mass. Perth, the capital, is a choice destination for modern culture and pristine sandy beaches. 

Start with a stroll in Kings Park where the self-guided Boodja Gnarning and Yorga tracks highlight the trees traditionally used by the Noongar Indigenous people and the role women played in gathering food and medicines. 

Take a boat trip to Rottnest Island for snorkeling in crystal-clear water and plenty of opportunities to spot quokkas. After docking back on the mainland, you’ll sit down to eat rock lobster straight off the boat or sample Perth’s world-famous lamb. 

Broome is located a staggering 1,391 miles (or 2,239 km) north of Perth and welcomes you to the sparse and mysterious Kimberley region. 

North to the Kimberley, Australia 

The Kimberley claims the entire northwestern corner of Australia. It’s a remote region comprising dramatic canyons, gushing waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal rock art, uninhabited islands, and curious rock formations. This is the best Australian adventure for those eager to get far from the beaten path.

Expedition and catamaran cruises depart from Broome. The earliest sea explorations were based on hand-drawn ‘mudmaps’ and counsel from local fishermen. Technology has since developed and these vessels offer all the trimmings of a luxury hotel through private cabins and communal amenities. It’s typical to hop into Zodiac boats or board helicopters to access harder-to-reach areas.

For those short on time, seaplanes and helicopters are available to fly you over the main sights from Broome or Kununurra. 

Extraordinary scenery and experiences in the Kimberley

Bungle Bungles – these beehive-shaped karst sandstone cones are the centerpiece of Purnululu National Park. The best way to see them is via a light aircraft or helicopter. 

Horizontal Falls – another phenomenal natural feature and optical illusion, these waterfalls occur when tidal currents push through Talbot Bay. They may be viewed via a small plane, helicopter, or boat. 

Gibb River Road – this 410-mile (660 km) road links Derby and Kununurra. A 4X4 vehicle is required to access such landmarks as the reef system of the Windjana Gorge National Park and the boab trees of Galvans Gorge.

King George Falls – accessible only via cruise or scenic flight, Western Australia’s highest twin waterfalls cascade over sandstone cliffs and ruby-red gorges. 

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm – this hotel is attached to a farm where rare South Sea pearls are sustainably grown. Accommodation is upmarket glamping across safari tents, caravans, and the prestigious master pearler’s private retreat.

Matso’s Brewery – this family-owned brewery is an institution beloved by Kimberly residents and tourists. It hosts live music events during the dry season (April through October).

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